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Donate to Support the Server.


Greetings! If you want to help support our project or would like to obtain some of our donation rewards, you can donate to the server through the following options:



The ratio is 1:1, which means 1 USD gives you 1 Point. Please include your account name in the payment comment. You can donate points to your friends as well. Include the character name, and add "Gift for character ..." as a comment.

OpenWoW is not a company, so while donating via PayPal please use the option Sending to a Friend.

To claim & receiving the points faster please contact us on discord by creating a new ticket https://discord.gg/3mmTZAS6

Donations can take a few hours to process, be patient. Thank you for your support.

Destiny Status

Instant-85 | [4.3.4]

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